What is Nexia™ Home Intelligence?

Nexia™ Home Intelligence is a new way to run your home from anywhere. Nexia is the first to bring all the best of home automation technology together in one simple solution that you can manage remotely from your smart phone, iPad or computer. So now, when you’re away and everyone’s going in different directions, you can still know what’s happening at home and stay in control. Like making sure you turned off the lights after you left. Or that the kids got home from school okay. Adjusting the thermostat. Checking door locks. Turning off appliances-all the things that give you control and peace of mind regarding your home and family. Nexia is home automation made simple-and simply better-because now you stay connected everywhere you go.

How does Nexia™ Home Intelligence work?

Nexia™ Home Intelligence uses Z-Wave® technology—a wireless Radio Frequency-based communications technology—to transform a singular device into an intelligent networked device that can be securely monitored and controlled wirelessly. To ensure security, Nexia communications are fully-encrypted.

Nexia Bridge connects your Schlage Home Keypad Lock and other Z-Wave components (Home Dimmer Module, Remote Management Thermostat, etc.) to your existing router. The router provides an internet connection allowing you to control your home from your computer or mobile phone. It’s that easy.

Keyless Entry, Cameras, Thermostat, Lights, Television, and almost anything that requires electricity to operate you can control from you smart phone.